Enjoy a "bottomless cup" of our in-house coffee.


We use premium coffee beans and teas to brew the best tasting beverages for our guests. Every drink is made to order using the finest ingredients to get the most flavor in every cup. It's the perfect way to start your day or take a mid-day break!

Take home a bag of our exclusive blend.

Lucky Mutt Coffee

Our exclusive blend created by New Roots Coffee Company. It's a medium-dark roast made from rich Arabica beans. The flavor is clean and balanced with a lovely body, offering subtle notes of caramel, berries and citrus.

Great tasting coffee begins with New Roots coffee beans.

New Roots Coffee Company

A specialty coffee roaster located just east of scenic Wausau, WI. They source their coffee beans from the African countries of Rwanda, Burundi, the Congo and other emerging regions. Coffee is their passion.